Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Music and me

I love music; most people who know me know this. I play music most of the day, and dance wildly when alone at home to my favourite beats (or when I have had one too many champers!).

There is something inside of me always looking for the next big artist to rock my world, always looking for that new edgy person that will make me feel something. But why? How can some random person who I have never met shape the way the world feels for me?

Some of my earliest memories are of watching Rage with my siblings, long car trips on country roads made special by what was playing on the radio. I hear a song and I am taken back to that time and place. Music has a way of transporting a person years back. Smells, sights and feelings come up in us when we hear these tunes.

I recently read a great blog from an interesting man Benson Saulo. In his blog he asked where have all the inspirational songs had gone? http://bensonsaulo.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/music-minded-wheres-the-heart/#respond

This got me thinking. Where are those soul stirring lyrics that made us feel something? The 80’s was full of them in Australia, there was a certain pride and power about them. Have things changed now?

In a world where almost anyone can be a popstar, songs are manufactured like plastic bags. X-factor, Idol and Australia’s Got no talent, have mass produced “artists”. Never mind if they haven’t written a song before in their life, they look good and people will buy their music even if it sucks.

I started thinking and put a little list together of music that inspires me. This is just my opinion but you should listen to these songs if you haven’t before.


  1. Im glad my piece made you think and post with the same kind of theme in mind. I think the difference between the current music scene and in the past is that everyone is after a quick solution, you brought up the singing shows and they are a good example of a quick solution as opposed to bands that toured for 5years across the country before 'making it big'. The music in some ways was humbler and more respectful of the audience.
    Nice post

  2. Thanks Benson! Your Blogs have been really inspiring for me eh. They get me thinking and I felt compelled to write a little fun blog. I was toying with the idea of the Hip Hop influence with young indigenous people. I was one who was heavily influence and still am. But wonder how many know the truth behind their idols, some are not just flashy gangsta rappers but more modern day poets whom top their classes in English studies and history ect.

    Just a thought, keep up the good work.